Messenger QR Code chatbot for Facebook

Chatbot for Facebook fanpage based on QR Code technology (aka Parametric Code) of famous Facebook Messenger chat app.

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A Chatbot built for Messenger QR Code automation.

Since 2017, Facebook Messenger introduced the new QR Code called Parametric Code. Everyone with Messenger app can scan your page code and start chat with your business.

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How It Works

How you intergrate Chatcrop to your customer support process.


Create Code

Login with Facebook & generate codes for your pages, setup the auto-reply scripts of your page.


Share code

Download generated codes & Print the code or Share code online with your customers.


Scan code

People scan your codes & redirected to your fanpage inbox, received auto-reply from your scripts.


Case Study

Some ways that you can use Chatcrop chatbot to enhance the communication with your customers.

Inbound Contact


Not just start chatting, reply script can contain a greeting or just the WIFI password of your store.

Sale Promotion

Coupon / Voucher

Chatbot can reply a voucher or coupon to user when they come & start chatting with your page via code scanning.

Food Ordering

(Coming soon..)

Chatbot can reply a greeting and link to a form so that customer can input and booking your foods / services.

Chatbot Editor

Simple & clear User Interface (UI)

Generate QR Code for your fanpage with just a few seconds. The chatbot editor is also very easy & simple to use, so that you can setup your chatbot replies in seconds.

Downloadable high resolution QR Code for printing,

Many auto-reply type for chatbot,

Realtime Preview chatbot simulator,

Scan history

History of QR Code scan

When someone scanned your QR Code with there phone, we tracked who scanned your QR Code with detail such as Name, UUID, QR Code, Time and detect this is the first scan or re-scan your code.


Performance Analytics

Simple Analytics for your QR Code. You can see the performance of total codes or each codes.

Number of Scan

Know the total number of scan of your visitors & compare KPI between codes.

Unique Customer

If one person scan many times, we only track this person as an unique customer.

Cloud Computing

Software as a Service

Our software is deliveried with Saas (Software as a Service) model, so that you can you it totally on web browser of your computer.

No Installation

Run fully on web browser, do not need install any software on your computer

Update instantly

If software has new updates, you will be loaded with latest version.

Responsive Layout

Backend is designed with web responsive, you can run on mobile browser.


Your page and access to administrator is secured with SSL Certificate.

Frequently Asked Question

Some common questions when using our software.

- Do I need a server for install Chatcrop?

Chatcrop is based on SaaS infrastructure, and runs totally on our infrastructure (servers), so that you will not need any hardware (severs) to using Chatcrop. Just using web browser and access our dashboard at, you can start using.

- Why it is FREE?

CropCom is an software company, beside Chatcrop, we have many commercial products (see this website footer), Chatcrop is just a simple tool and it's not suitable for charge money from you.

- Do you have Premium services?

If you want a PREMIUM services such as running on your server, or need customization for your needs, Cropcom can make an outsourcing contract based on your requirements.

- Why do chatbot Facebook Messenger QR Code?

Currently, Facebook Messenger is rapidly growing and with business ecosystem with it, Facebook Messenger platform is the first platform we selected.


Our Packages

Currently, we have only one package for cloud version & it's FREE FOREVER!


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